Hotel Marrol’s in Bratislava was named after Lady Mary Ann Marrol, a daughter of a wealthy Scottish merchant. She liked to travel and at the turn of the 20th century she visited Bratislava. Under particular circumstances she met here the family of Mr. Antal Marshall, the owner of the house and premises for manufacturing of carriages at Tobrucka No. 4.

Lady Marrol was on her way from Vienna to Bratislava when a wheel of her carriage broke down and some locals recommended her Mr. Marshall’s house. While they repaired her carriage she stayed at their house as a guest. One day she was in the courtyard when she spotted a young boy playing outside and horses rushing at him. She didn’t wait a second and thus she saved the boy’s life. Later she found out that he was Mr. Marshall’s nephew who had been there on holiday.

Grateful Mr. Marshall named his shop after lady Marrol and installed a relief of her head over the entrance door where it has been ever since. It also became the logo of Hotel Marrol’s.